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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

On a much lighter note...

A twitch that is hard to forget!

Last night I decided to take a break from my lengthy politics essay and go watch Samuel J. Comroe's comedy show. Honestly I love stand up comedy, its one of the many artistic talents I wish I had; but I have to be honest,I went to the show out of pure procrastination, and ended up having the time of my life. This man is a genius when it comes to improvisation, and he catches every punch and throws it right out at you. I was laughing so hard, that it ended up being more painful than hilarious. What was quite unique about him and something the audience really enjoyed was that all his jokes revolved around a personal disorder called Tourettes. I had heard of this syndrome once before, but he is the first person I met who had it. He uses his syndrome to his advantage, and uses it as his forte into comedy. Very few people have the ability to embrace a side of them that might not be so glamorous and turn it from something like a disease into something that is a cure. What might be one person's disease literally ends up being the other person's medicine. Samuel not only turned my terrible day into the greatest nights  of the week, but gave me the confidence to look at myself in the mirror and embrace myself as a whole. Watching someone be so confident with himself motivated me to be comfortable with myself and all my flaws. Especially in a world where everyone is trying to fix something that doesn't fit a certain norm, here is a man who will tell you straight up that he doesn't need a cure for his twitch because, bitch his twitch is fabulous, and aint nobody got nothing on it! 


Monday, 28 October 2013

A Boy, A Wall and A Donkey by Hany Abu-Assad

Recently one of my friends posted this on facebook. I think this is such a beautiful short film, it puts everything into perspective with where we are in the world right now. It shows how innocence is literally battling itself in the world of suspicion and how there is no safe harbor to safeguard it.


Take a break, relax, and listen.

This song is often on blast just because I love it so much!

Postcards from Italy by Beirut

 This is one of my alltime favorite songs, and this band is amazing. I stumbled upon them two years ago and have been a fan since. I don't know what exactly it is, but its just their style of music which really resonates with me. Also this is a fun song, not a style you get hear too often. I was actually surprised when I found out that they were an American band. It surprised me because it had a very european vibe to it. Not that I am an expert on music or anything but I thought this was eastern european. I might be and probably am completely wrong so feel free to correct me.

Hope you like it! :)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

There is hope!

October 26, 2013

Today I saw the saddest thing! First this lady was speaking so rudely to this old woman. It was so sad to watch! It made me mad t watch what she was doing! I was beyond mad! No one deserved to be spoken to the way she was talking to that old woman! I wanted to say something, I don't know why I didn't?! I just....I don't know. I just  ahhhhh!!! Sometimes I just wonder why people have to be so rude?! I walked away angry and really upset, but then as I turned the corner I saw one of the cutest things ever. A homeless man broke his piece of bread and was feeding his dog. It almost brought tears to my eyes, just the thought that this man had nothing at all to eat, yet even with one slice of bread he was able to share. I reached my pockets for some change, but realised I wasn't carrying any money with me just my phone and keys. I had already walked ahead of him, but I was so angry that I had nothing to give him! I turned around and I saw him, taking a blanket and covering his dog. I smiled and kept walking on. I still wish I had something to offer him. Maybe I might bump into him again on the street and will be able to help him in some way possible! *FINGERS CROSSED* 

The old homeless man's kindness towards his dog made me smile so much. It gave me a hope, that there are really good people out there. People I hope I can learn from and imbibe their great qualities in me. It gave me so much hope after seeing the scenario between that rude lady and the old woman. No matter how dark it gets, there is always a light lurking somewhere in the corner, and although it starts of small, it truly has the power to light up the world. Maybe its clique but its true! 


One of my favorite songs :) James Morrison- On The Same Side

Whenever I feel down, and feel so bad about the world and all the cruelty committed I always listen to this song. For me this song is in a way works as a healer, a way to tell me there is hope. The song makes it so simple, because its telling us that there is no fight! We should all be standing on the same side, but then why aren't we?

Friday, 25 October 2013

What's the difference between a Murderer and a Terrorist?

October 25, 2013

Sitting in my room wondering about a lot of things like usual, but there is this one thing that keeps bothering me over and over again. The justification of drones.

Recently in my seminar and politics class the same question keeps popping up. What's the difference between a Murdered and a Terrorist? Well a Murderer kills, so does a terrorist. Then why do we treat these people in different ways? Why is it that a Murderer gets a trial, a chance to prove his innocence but a terrorist doesn't? A fifteen year old boy convicted of murder will not get a death penalty, but a fifteen year old boy suspected to be a terrorist will be killed. Let me say that again SUSPECTED to be a terrorist, not a confirmation but only a suspicion. How is that fair? How do we decide which crime is worse when essentially they both kill. In fact statistically more people die each year through homicides than they do through terror attacks. I am not trying to excuse one's actions over the other. But I am questioning what is that makes a murderer better than a terrorist? I want to know why they get the benefit of doubt but a terrorist doesn't? I want to know what makes one of them special over the other.

When you can explain to me how you justify killing an innocent over suspicion, then maybe I might understand why all these drone wars take place. If the justification is better than the excuse of war or security, then maybe I might understand. But what justification can there be for the cost of an innocent's life?

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