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Saturday, 30 November 2013

NYC: A day in my dreams!

Going to New York City was a fantasy that I dreamed of as a little girl. It was my one true love which I romanticized with for God knows how long. To be able to go to the city and live that dream; it was beyond breathtaking. I felt like a little girl living her Disney fairy tale. I was the princess, and Manhattan was my prince in waiting. There are not enough words! NO! There are no words to describe my first time in the city.  I thought I would be able to put my feelings into words, but the city did left me speechless. But I guess that's what happens at love at first sight, you are left speechless...

After a 1 hour and 45 minute bus journey we had finally arrived to the city! My journey started smack in the middle of Time Square as the bus station was just at the corner of it. Posing was an absolute must!

My friends left to go see the wax figures at Madame Tussaud. I had only one day in the city, so there was absolutely no way whatsoever I was going to spend it inside a wax museum. I had 12 hours in the city and I was going to spend it in and around the city! I was determined! I met up with a couple of my other friends from school and the journey around Manhattan continued.

So maybe its a little cheesy, and far fetched, but every writer must dream of writing for The New York times once in their life. The journalists of The New York Times are just as well knows as any Hollywood Celebrity. I mean it is the TIMES for crying out loud. 

Cake Boss is my favorite show on TLC well one of the favorites. I love the cakes he makes! I didn't get the chance to go inside but I got a photo! Maybe someday I'll get a chance to taste his amazing cakes, but till then this photo is quite a taste in its own.

Next we took the Subway for more adventure! 
The subway in its own is the lifeline of the city, its what keeps it going. Without the subway a city like NYC couldn't function.

I think something that adds to the culture of the city are the street performers. This one in particular was fantastic. There were plenty of people crowded around him. I knew exactly where all my change was going. 

We took the Subway to Wall street. I felt quite out of place with all the limousines, and men in suits.

The New York Stock Exchange!

Oh and so apparently it is good luck to touch the balls of the bull as it symbolizes luck and prosperity. OOPS I guess we might have done that! Also the line to get a picture with his face was way too long, so we settled for the balls. 

After experiencing the hustle and the bustle of the city we took a detour and went to Battery Park. People take the fairy to go see the Statue of Liberty. We just spent some time watching the waves, and relaxing. I got a chance to catch my breadth from all the excitement I was feeling. It was so beautiful, and so peaceful. I wish I could say it was quiet, but quieter than many of the places for sure.

 It wasn't a bad view of the statue I have to say!

At some point we had gone to Grand Central! When exactly I wasn't too sure but at some point...

Grand central to me is very iconic, I see it as Romeo and Juliet's meeting point in modern times. In several movies, in several shows we see that two lovers collide here for the first time. Maybe its more a fantasy than reality, but who knows it could happen someday to me.

So the pictures didn't come out great, they were quite blurry but even then. The photo below of me is taken at the same exact spot Serena from Gossip Girl stands in the first episode. It is the balcony, where she stands and Dan notices her. So maybe I went a little fan crazy with the whole Gossip Girl fa-sad. BUT only true fans understand the importance of this very spot.

 Next off to Rockefeller Center!

 We went to the Lego shop, which was honestly very exciting! But other than that we didn't do much here. Instead we went to Fifth Avenue and walked into all the really expensive shops. Obviously we didn't do any shopping. I took a few photos here, but nothing too exciting.

Next we went to Central Park, and it looks even more beautiful than it is pictured in the movies!

Next we went to Columbus Circle for lunch, and to take a short break from all that walking!

Next it was back through central park and a long walk to the Met Steps.

Every Gossip Girl fan knows that the steps of the Met are sacred! After all this is Blair Waldorf's throne from where she rules the city...okay so maybe not the city...

We went inside and the architecture was amazing! I wish I took more photos, but by this point I was tired and just wanted to look around at all the amazing art exhibits.

The day pretty much ended after this, we went back to Time Square and just did some shopping. It was almost symbolic, we returned to where we started our journey from. It was like we made a full circle.

Dreams don't last that long, eventually you have to wake up from them. Unlike Cinderella I had to leave once the clock stroke 8 and off I escaped in my pumpkin carriage. But in the rush to catch my bus I lost one of my earrings. I guess in a way its almost sort of poetic, I took something with me and left a part of me in the city.

The one that is left with me is to remind me every day that this wasn't just a dream. This earring is to remind me that this adventure was real, and that it happened. Now I just wonder who picked up the one I lost...

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