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Friday, 21 February 2014

Leadership Weekend

So I've been a little slow with posting things, but honestly I've been so busy this past week I didn't get a chance to blog. But today I decided to sit down and blog as much as I could! I hope I don't end up overdoing it!

So last week I was at Leadership weekend, I went not knowing anyone but ended up making so many new friends. It was scary, but very refreshing to be around new faces. I found a side of myself that I forgot existed, it made me happy. I was around people who were inspiring, and cared about a lot of the things I cared about. Honestly I never looked at myself as a leader, and I was surprised when I was selected. The whole time that I was there, I felt as if I wasn't good enough to be there. But by the end I learnt to appreciate myself, and realized that I do have what it takes to be a leader. I guess sometimes we accept who we are, and can be when we stumble upon our natural environment. I kind of miss it, wish it would have been a bit longer.

We stayed at this beautiful campsite which I bet looks beautiful during the summer, but none the less it looked pretty amazing in Winter too! It was just really cold!

The amazing people I met at Leadership weekend! 

The following photos weren't taken by me. But by the people at the Leadership Weekend. (So all credits to them!)



The Chocolate group.

Our Awesome door!

Also we made these bags that represented us, and then people wrote us notes. It was quite cute. 

I can say for sure that I made some incredible memories, met some incredible people...and then I met these two.....

Honestly do something spontaneous! Sign up for something you're interested in, and it doesn't matter if you know nobody there! Just say YES and do it! I can assure you that you won't regret it. Life is too short to be scared, its too precious to stay hidden. So take a chance, and you might be surprised how glad you'll be for taking those chances. I was sitting in my room on a Friday night bored out of my mind, when I came across an  application for Leadership weekend, I did it out of boredom. I was surprised when I got in, I was very iffy about going through with it, but I said to myself WHY THE HELL NOT?! So I went, and I couldn't have been happier! So do it! SAY YES!

Snow Tubing at Greek Peak

This wasn't my first time going snow tubing, I had done it once before when I was 8. But that was in snow city in Singapore, that was honestly a joke compared to this! I enjoyed this so much. I felt a little freaked out looking down, but once I sat on the tube and went down the hill, the ride was exhilarating. I guess it made me appreciate all the snow around me, and honestly I can't wait to do it again! 

 After all that fun in the snow, it was time to get warm and drink some chocolate! 

Of course the mandatory selfies with the girlies! (:

Monday, 17 February 2014

I'll never stop loving you

I made this video when I was 14 years old!

YES the quality sux! AND YESS its bad editing!

But these our my memories of Texas and all my favorite people from there!

For some reason I miss it a lot today!

And I wish I could go back to those days, but all I have is this video to look through, and some old photos. I made some spectacular friends here! People I will always remember, and times that I will always cherish!

Its safe to say that the people I found here could not be matched anywhere else! I miss them loads and it will be 3 years since I last saw them! Sooner then later I'll be able to go see them! *FINGERS CROSSED*

Until then I'll never stop loving you!

Friday, 14 February 2014


I hope everyone has an amazing Valentines Day! Mine will be spent at a leadership camp!

Either way I wanted to leave you with this beautiful song!

Have a listen and let me know how you like it? (:

Lots of love Serena! (:

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

From 18 to 19: An age in review!

So today I turned 19 years old! I don't know how to feel about this age, because after 18 its just a countdown to when I turn 21. I thought long and hard, and I can't help but think just how wonderful this past age has been. I was going to do a review for 2013 but then I thought why not wait and do it on my birthday, and look back on my past age.

So here is a look through the defining moments as 18:

So after our IB Mock exams I got to celebrate my 18th birthday with my gorgeous best friend! We did a combines dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant!

Then came the real thing...the IB EXAMS :S

But then they got over, we passed and here we are class of 2013 at our graduation! (:


Class of 2013 (:

Ohh and then came Senior Prom...which was a very memorable night! (:

Eating ice-cream after prom on Orchard..just before the after party (:

And then it was a summer of FUN FUN FUN! 

Grad trip with the girlies in Bintan!

And then I went through a weird meltdown...and I had a Britney Spears moment and I chopped my hair off! Lol joke. So my hair had become really dry due to all the chemical treatment I had done, so I decided that it was time to cut it off and go all natural! So here it is my very very very short hair!

The drastic haircut made a lot of people very sad...good thing my hair grows fast!
But honestly I love this length, its so easy to manage! And ahhhh its just so perfect!

Summer was a blast! But it went by so fast I didn't even realize. I sometimes feel it went by too fast, I sometimes wish I could relive those summer says after graduating. At times I wish I could go back to school for a day just to relive all those amazing memories. However, it was time. Time to grow a! up, and to leave. So I packed my bags, and took off to Ithaca College a spontaneity that somehow intertwined with my dreams, giving me the opportunity to explore my passions and find my inner filmmaker.

My friends came to bid me farewell...

And so then the journey began to my new life here in Ithaca. Where I have met some amazing people, been able to be a part of some amazing things! 

I found my musketeers, my backbones, my girls. 

My Soul mate, love and my very bestfriend! 

And then my home, my family. 

And my other family member! 

The International affair

Also I got to step into my dreams when I got the chance to go to NYC! 

Getting to be on my first television show, and doing radio!

Ohh and then I got a not so glamorous thing happened! I got my first REAL JOB! The first of many I would encounter this year. I know I will have satisfied a lot of people with a photo of me making a sandwich... 

And then came time to take a trip back to the Lion City my home Singapore, and reuniting with my high school friends and counting down to New Years! 

The First face I saw on New Years! 

Just before leaving I finally decided to get my nose pierced! This is something I wanted to do since I was 12, but due to school policies I never got the chance to do it...also my fear of needles stopped me from getting it done. But then this year I finally got it done!

Of course this one came along with me! My best friend Heather Jean Clark who I have known since Elementary school! I always have her as my major support system! I miss her so much, and I love her a ton!

And then it was back to Ithaca! And in less than a month after being back the day finally came. The day from when I went from 18 to 19. Strange that it all happened in one day. Before I could even let it sink in, spot on at midnight these hooligans knocked on my door...well they banged on my door and got me in trouble...ahh but it was worth it! 

Seriously love these two for being so awesome, and starting my day off with such a BANG!

So there it is..I am now 19. 18 was all about growing up, and change. Hopefully 19 will be about settling in, and embarking on more adventures! So a toast to a new age, a new celebration!

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