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Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Journey to the Roots...

13 years later I was making the journey to a small village named Makhjan 
an, which comes under the city Ratnagiri. It was this village where I spent most of my summer till the age of six, this was the small village my father met my mother. It was here my mother grew up, and where my ancestry resided in. I was now 13 years later making my journey to the roots to my being, understanding my existence, and discovering my lost self.

So the journey began from the big city Mumbai to the small town Makhjan.

     (This picture was taken from google maps.)

I could lie and tell you I had a very glamorous ride, but the truth is I rode an ST Bus. The horrors are such that if you tell anyone you spent 6 hours in an ST Bus in India, they will think either you are really desperate or really delusional. However, the idea wasn't comfort because comfort was something I was accustomed to. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and experience India like a middle class Indian, not an outsider. I wanted to see India through the eye of a middle class Indian, one who has to meddle with what India has to offer, and unfortunately comfort is far from it.

My cousin and I giving a quick pose, after all this had to be documented. 

This baby was so cute, and her mother was a doll. 

I passed time playing with this angel. 

One of my favourite things were when the bus would stop at the stops, and there would be people coming in bringing things to sell like Sugar cane juice, nuts, cold drinks, etc.

Peanuts are probably the cheapest and tastiest snacks in India. Its the common mans treat. I too enjoyed some roasted peanuts.

So after the long bus ride, we took something called a dumdum. It shakes a lot, and it squishes 8 people in it. A very interesting 30 minute ride of my life which I don't think I can ever forget.

And we reached!

The journey was long, tiring, but enriching. I met some amazing people who had some really amazing stories, and journeys of their own to make. I realized something during this bus ride we were all connected. There were no cell phones sepeating us, and individualizing us. I got a chance to look up and make friends, meet people, learn something that unfortunately a smart phone could have never taught me. I reached my destination, but the adventures were yet to begin, the journey was only step 1, the real adventures were waiting, the answers I had come looking for were yet to be found...

Friday, 23 May 2014

Abandoned: An outsider in Mumbai!

My love affair with Mumbai is an old one, but years have passed and I've come with many questions. I look around this city and I find that something has changed, maybe for the better but why does it feel for the worse? I look around and I see a city that has no clue to my being. I see a city that gave me birth but has now chosen to abandon me. People say this is your city, but I look around and I see no acceptance no want, no need for me. I look around to a city which is supposedly my home. I look around to the city to look for my home, and all I see is rejection from all four corners. They say there is no other home but this home, but then why do I feel homeless? Why do I feel like an outsider? 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Look Up

I thought this poem was perfect, and so to the point. Sometimes its good to just leave this artifical world we have created and live in the real world where real things happen. It is importnat to be present, to be alive. We ever so often waste our lives online in loneliness, when everything about life is to co-exist and live together.

So take a break once in awhile, put down your phone and walk away.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Childish fun in the pouring rain!

I don't know what it is about rain that I love so much! Whether its floating paper boats in the puddles or if its the careless splashing one and another. I love the rain, and when it rains at night its ten times more special. Its an unexplainable joy! A small moment that brings so many smiles.  I don't know if rain is supposed to be magical, depressing or romantic. To me rain is the chance to forget my age and act like I am eight, or is eight too old to be frolicking around in the rain? 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Is it ever to late to play Holi?

Holi is the festival of colours, the celebration to welcome spring. It is a celebration of love between rich, poor, old and young, everyone comes together to celebrate the end of winter and the coming of Spring. It is usually celebrated in March and sometimes even February but it all depends on the moon. Its quite complicated, and I am no expert on Hinduism so I don't know the whole technicalities of how they decide when to celebrate it. No matter when India celebrates it, in Ithaca Spring comes much much later and so the celebration of Holi is also delayed. It was a very late Holi but it was completely worth it. I think what I love most about Holi the most is the idea that after all the colours you can't see the difference between people. Thing like skin colour, religion and ethnicity all fades, because you can't tell the difference. In the end we are all one people, we are all human. Isn't that such a beautiful thought? All the different colours embrace us, give us a new identity far more superior than us humans could ever invent. Its the childishness of throwing colours, having water fights, and just dancing. I like childishness, and I guess that's the number one reason why I love Holi. Try it out sometime! No not childishness! That should be done every day. (:


Summer Nights: Bonfires and Marshmallows!

It was one of those hot nights here in Ithaca, where the wind wasn't as cool as usual. It was a perfect night for a bonfire, and its never not a good time to roast marshmallows. Summer isn't here yet, I am just starting to feel the presence of Spring. But this night gives me hope that summer isn't too far, and that this is the first of many bonfires of the season. Happy and content; I am excited! I am ready! 
Cheers to the soon to come summer! 


I prefer my marshmallows on fire!
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