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Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Train Ride into Town: Seeing Mumbai through the eyes of its dreamers!

Everyone who has every visited Mumbai has quite a story to share. Literature either seems to have a love affair with it, or bashes it for its unforgiving mercenary that steals from the poor to give to the rich. Either way Mumbai has a lure, one that many find hard to escape. It offers the idea of dreams, and the world of glitz and glamour; many fall into that very idea which is really only a trap, and even when one figures it all out they still seem to stay. I guess Mumbai is like an addiction, you give it your all for nothing in return yet you still keep coming back. I supposed I never understood the addiction, until I saw it through the eyes of the dreamers. 

I sat in a local train, which literally cramps people in, and if you are not inside the train then you are happily hanging off from the side. It seems ridiculous that people would risk their lives, but to some risking their life is the only way they can stay alive. After all in this city there is always someone there to replace you, by always I mean ALWAYS. So in the heat of the competition, one has only today because tomorrow doesn't come so easily. 

An old woman selling snacks with the brightest smile I saw on the train. But didn't manage to capture it!

After what seemed forever I was finally able to see my feet again! 

His eyes were really captivating, and I wish I had gotten a better photo.

Finally I arrived at my destination. The famous VT, where daily more than a million people pass by!

In the rush of people running around, I found one man who stopped to tie his laces. 

A man getting his shoes shined just before getting to work. 

The emptiest I was able to see the station after waiting for a good hour here.

In the midst of automobiles, a man pushes a hand cart.

The Asiatic Library, one of the nicest things Mumbai has to offer!

Sometimes dreamers need peace and quiet to dream, and the realities of the hustle and bustle in Mumbai is too much. So like every dreamer you go to Marine Drive to look at the ocean and just take in what it has to offer. A serenity, a feeling of endless possibilities, and a break from Mumbai's realities. So I went to the ocean to dream about my endless possibilities...

Truly though the seas that surround Mumbai are probably the greatest gift Mumbai can offer its dreamers. There is nothing better than looking at the sea, maybe I believe that because I spent half my childhood sailing on it! 

After that long day of running behind dreamers and seeing Mumbai through their eyes, it was time to go back home. But I couldn't leave just yet, I had one final thing to do, and I think the tourist inside me pushed me to do this and so I arrived to the Gateway of India! 

A man selling roasted nuts! 

But in all honesty I feel that the Gateway of India is a pretty iconic place for Mumbai. The location is beautiful, and the feel of being there is incredible. I am sure every dreamer wanders here from time to time, after all its the gateway between their dreams and the rest of the world. 

After that tiring day, I retired in a classic Indian taxi and went home. Mumbai is truly an extraordinary city but its through its dreamers that it looks the best! In all honesty I only got a glimpse of what a Mumbaiker goes through everyday, and I hope someday I can truly experience and see all of Mumbai the way they see it. 
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