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Friday, 17 October 2014

Fall Break: Time and Space for Myself.

The campus is empty this time of the year. You ask why? Fall break of course!
This semester has been crazy so far, not only am I nervous about a lot of my classes and the grades I have in them but also the stress of working 15 hours a week is getting to me. I've been scrappy with time, but I've managed to find time to exercise at least 3 times a week, and I am absolutely loving how that feels. Things have been choppy, but so far I've not had any nervous breakdowns just a couple of grey days. So YES Fall Break couldn't have come any sooner. I love how the campus is pretty much empty, and that the weather is allowing me to enjoy it. Its nice to be able to sit around by the fountains and just soak in the sun. The crazier thing is that it was 70 degrees today! I AIN'T complaining! NOPE! In fact I love love love how it feels like Summer but looks like fall. Although I know the coming days are expected to be very there goes the sun. But nonetheless I appreciate how I've been given the chance to relax before the second crazier half Fall Semester begins. Honestly though I feel very ready! Block 2 here I come!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Apple Fest: The welcome to Fall!

There is no better way to welcome Fall in Ithaca than celebrate Apple Fest. There is no greater treat than munching on warm apple cider donuts, with a hot glass of apple cider, or nibbling on all the other apple and maple treats. Its a time to enjoy whats left of the Sun, while welcoming those early chills of soon to be Winter. Its a perfect day to Celebrate Ithaca, and everything that it has to offer...other than the apples of course ;) 

The first order of Business is to find the Apple Cider Donuts, you have to run before they are all out, and trust me you gotta try em! 

Found them! 

Oh but that line...

The moment of truth.

mmm...ya by the looks of it they were totally worth it!
Once you've got the main attraction down, you walk around tasting all the other great treats. If you're on any sort of diet then I suggest you ditch it for this 3 day weekend, because trust me you don't want to miss out on any of these delicious treats! 

Take a brief break now and then to enjoy the performances, or just the music. The festival has a great vibe to it, and you never know who you might bump into! 

A magician? I didn't quite bump into him...
 Then just keep walking because there is a lot more food and cider tasting left!

Oh and of course the occasional random but awesome art work around the corners...

You'll even see some of these strangers..

She doesn't know I am taking a picture...

Now she does...

She laughs...

She smiles...
Then there is this one with her worry lines...

You realise very quickly that all you do at Apple Fest is eat, walk, eat, walk and just keep repeating it until you're tired or your stomach can't take the sweetness anymore. 

Yup, we were pretty much done after this!

Oh and this is me trying to loo all tumblr because Ithaca is the definition of tumblr...but then I now I am just awkwardly standing trying to look all fashionable instead I look like a dork. 

And that was the end to all the apple festivities! (:

Friday, 10 October 2014

Leaving YOU behind.

Its 4 am and I sit here sleepless. Fortunately I have no work pending, just thoughts that have been waiting to be put down on paper. I thought a lot today, about various things and various people. I use to believe not so long ago about this idea of true love and how it would whisk me away to this world greater than reality. I think about it now, and realise how stupid the idea of being whisked away from reality sounds. I guess what I am trying to say is that love isn't supposed to help you escape reality, because that's cowardly! NO! Love is supposed make you strong enough to help you face this world heads on. I use to think I knew what love was, but I mistook a fleeting thought, a moment of childishness for an entire Shakespearean story. The only tragedy is that I mistook us for a greater story when really all we were just kids. I can rewrite us over and over again, but it will never equate to a story greater than foolishness. You and I can never amount to anything, because Peter and Wendy were just that. They were children. You and I have always been an idea, a feeling, a great love story. But honestly I am tired of writing that story, I think I am ready to start a new chapter of a new book. One that doesn't involve ideas, or fleeting thoughts. I am ready to finally face the reality that life is, and the reality that love is. No ideas, or preconcieved notions, just reality, and this time I am giving it a real chance. This means I am leaving YOU behind. So Goodbye, not forever but just until I give love a chance without making you the defintion of it. 


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