Living in and out of reality as I chase my dreams sky high.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Happiness: An idea best kept behind.

I use to chase after this idea of happiness, and only now do I understand that in those moments I was chasing after happiness I was the happiest I had been in the longest time. Now I wish I could rewind and go back to that time when life had been more complete than it has ever been, and relive those amazing moments, but here I am now making the same mistake of trying to be elsewhere when I am here in this moment letting it pass by wishing for a past memory of happiness when the truth is that it has passed by, and I will never get it back. So here's a tear for the days I wasted wanting to be happy when I was, and a tear for late realizations, but before I really start crying and wonder where all my days went by, I am going to smile, and laugh and be the happiest I can be. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Fear let the whole world pass by her.
Fear took away her opportunities.
Fear shooked her, broker her, and left her with nothing else but fear. 
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