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Friday, 12 June 2015

Post-workout munches and chatters!

I am always starving after the gym but because I workout in the evening I try to eat healthy and light. During the summer time especially with the abundance of berries I take advantage of this fact and grab a handful of blackberries and pair it with a small piece of swiss cheese, and some peanuts. If I am out of fruit, or just want something more solid to munch into, I will have a slice of rye toast with a generous spread of cream cheese. I love these snacks because they are so easy to put together, and satisfy those cravings. Also with it raining almost every night here in Ithaca, a hot cup of green tea is refreshing. Although I am missing out on the hot pakoras and cutting chai during the monsoon season back home in Mumbai, I've created my own little alternative which is proving to be quite satisfying and all the more fulfilling just like this summer and my new found independence. Summer is slipping by, and I am trying to catch every little breath and live every moment. I guess its true what they say, time flies by when you're having fun. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

We aren't all Oscars and Filmfares, some of us are just dreamers lurking in the corners.

Some of us don't have that luxury to walk down that red carpet or live that Hollywood dream. Some of us are just dreamers lurking on corners hoping that maybe that spotlight will once shine on us, not so we can wear glamorous gowns and walk down the carpet, or to be the cover of ever magazine. Some of us just want that stage, that opportunity to show our talent, a stage where we too can compete. We hope and we pray that we get that chance, but we aren't even a step in that playing field, we are far from it, but we try and bridge that gap as best we can but we are fools for we don't see what they see. They call us the dreamers, the other nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine who didn't quite make it. Somehow they said luck wasn't on our side, yet here we are not giving up hope because that's who we are, we never give up. To every no we get, we keep knocking on doors for a yes. Every rejection we take it as another obstacle away to that final acceptance. We keep at it hoping because that's all we have. We keep at it because if we don't then who else will make up that nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine of us? We don't give up because our Oscar is waiting too, maybe its a little bit longer but when that yes finally comes, when that chance finally comes, we too will come out as shining stars, or so we think. Most of us die trying, and maybe that's the greatest we can ever do. So here is to all those dreamers out there, all those actors out there who make up that nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine, you might not be the one in a million, but you truly are one in a million. Your oscar is your dedication to your art, your oscar is you yourself the proof that you were here, and you tried and you did the best you could. Your Oscar is you! 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Quick Fix Burger!

Do you ever go to those really fancy burger places and spend like a fortune on a meal that you only end up eating half of, I know I do. Honestly a great Burger place is needed once in awhile but you also need an alternative or a quick fix on a night when you don't feel like leaving your place or spending to much money. 

I like to call this my quick fix burger because it takes me about 15 mins to make it, and less than that to munch it all down. Its easy, delicious and just what you need to cater to those late night cravings.

  • Burger Buns (or any kind of bread)
  • Onions
  • Serrano peppers 
  • Olive Oil
  • Egg
  • Cheese (any kind you prefer)
  • Burger Patty 

I like to use 100% Rye Bread for my burgers, if you can get burger buns that's awesome. Or any bread should really be fine. I usually make an open sandwich so I actually only use one slice of bread, but you should go ahead and use two if you're super hungry. 

I use yellow onions just because its best when it comes to caramelising, and isn't as strong of a flavor compared to the red one. I somewhat finely chop 1/3 of a medium onion.

With the garlic I usually just cut up either one small clove, or half of a large one.

When it comes to the Serrano pepper, I chop about half of it just because I like my food extra hot, and find this pepper not to be so hot. But everyone had a different heat tolerance so definitely use as much as you can tolerate, or maybe even for for a milder pepper.

If I am feeling ambitious I will make my own burger patty but for days when I am lazy I will just use a frozen patty, I chose to use a soy patty but any kind is find.

For the cheese I recommend either provolone, cheddar or swiss. I chose swiss because I didn't have cheddar or provolone.

Now lets make some food!

So just add 2 dabs on olive oil on a pan.

Then add in your chopped ingredients and let them simmer until they the onions are some what caramelised.

Next you want to melt your cheese on your slice of bread. You can microwave the cheese on the bread for 30 seconds, or you could just melt it in a pan.

Next you want to add the caramelised onions, pepper, and garlic. Then top it with your style of either scrambled egg, omelet or a sunny side up. If you want something runny the sunny side up is your thing to go to, I kind of prefer scrambling my eggs.

Next add a little bit of sirachi mayo, or any spread you prefer. 

Add on your cooked patty.

Then drizzle it with some sauce of choice, and add on a bit of salt, pepper, and some chili flakes. 

You can then add on your second piece of bread, or just eat it like an open sandwich, and wallah you have a quick fix burger!


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