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Monday, 28 September 2015

Skipping stones: The little things that make life worthwhile.

There isn't a guidebook on how to live life, and if there is then I suggest you pick up that book and throw it out. Living life shouldn't be dictated by a set of rules, it should be the exact opposite. It should be lived on a whim, on a spontaneity because the destination never matters its always the journey, and if a few tequila shots help you put that into perspective then so be it.

I took a spontaneous walk and ended up finding little treasures, and found new people to celebrate. Someone told me today that life should be that, a celebration to laugh and smile without regret, and so I did, and I will.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Purple Hair: Waking up from my Summer Daze!

Its never easy to accept change, and I think the fact that I went through so much change completely destabilized me. I was close to a lot of seniors last year all of who graduated and moved away, and also two of my closest friends aren't here either. I felt lonely and completely thrown off track. I chose not to accept it, and was stuck in a summer daze. The semester started whether I wanted it to or not, the suitcases needed to be unpacked and the walls needed decor. I was in denial for the longest time, I was slacking off and just completely zoned out of life, but life went on. That's the thing about life, minutes tick away whether you care or not, its up to you to make sure those minutes count.

I finally woke up from that summer daze and panicked because now I finally let reality sink in. 
I woke up today ready to finally catch up with the rest of the world.
I woke up today wanting to let my ins out and my outs in.

So I woke up finally ready to start my Junior Year, and I couldn't think a better way to start it with other than purple hair! I love the color purple, and I've always wanted purple hair, so why the hell not!

But first I had to go Blonde...

But Purple eventually caught on.

I feel pretty badass I'm not gonna lie!

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