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Monday, 28 March 2016

Cascarones: Eggs, confetti and a sprinkle of happiness!

Being in college we find a new family, and make new traditions. We try and compensate for the moments we can't share with our family back home. Being so far away from them what options do we have? So we find the bunch we love, and teach them our traditions. In my case, my best friend taught me a tradition very near and dear to her heart. Cascarones! Basically, you run around and throw confetti filled eggs at each other. I love it so much, this is my second time joining in this festivity. It kind of reminds me of Holi, all the colors everywhere. Its such a great way to welcome the warmness and colors of Spring. 

So you grab an egg.

And you crush it on people's heads! 

You laugh a lot because that's the best part of it. 21-year-olds acting like kids. 

You run but you can't escape it, truth is you don't want to escape it! Why wouldn't you want confetti on your head? It's like a unicorn pooped on you!

Who knew magic came in the form of confetti filled eggs? Maybe happiness is that simple after all?

Happy Easter from my bunch to yours! How do you celebrate Easter?

Monday, 21 March 2016

"Girls don't fart"

I don't know if you've heard this or not but there is a lucrative rumour that girls don't fart, they are way too prim and proper to fart. Let me de-myth that rumour for you and tell you the secret; girls do fart. Now you're wondering why am I writing about girls farting?

A very good friend of mine who happens to be a girl has let it loose a couple of times in front of me, and we always laughed at it. I told her my biggest fear was farting in public, and that she'll never hear me consciously letting it slip in front of her. We laughed and laughed, until I realized just how much anxiety I have about something that is so natural. Humans pass gas, we pee and we poop, that is exactly what our bodies are supposed to do. However, for some reason, someone in society decided that when boys fart its funny, but when a girl does it she should be ashamed. But why should girls be ashamed?

I remember being 11 years old sitting in my music class, and someone had let one loose, for some reason whoever did it thought it would be funny to blame it on the fat girl...aka me. So yes everyone started moving away from me and laughing and holding their noses. They were all like admit it! If I had farted I probably wouldn't have admitted it but I didn't fart and so I was definitely not going to accept the blame for it. The teacher got out air freshener, and the boys started laughing and saying it's probably the curry she eats. I started crying because now it wasn't just a joke but I was being attacked for my culture, and my Indianness was associated with something gross such as farting. Sorry, do people in England not fart? Aren't most jokes about farting associated with baked beans in the first place?

The point is we all fart, then why is it such a big deal? Why do we teach boys that they are naturally gross and that its funny when they do it, but shame girls for doing the same? I can assure you that after that music class, I was always anxious and thought people were always talking about me because I was the girl who had supposedly stunk up the classroom. People forgot about it after a week, but I still remember something as stupid as that. I'll assure you I hadn't let one loose but you know what so what if I had, we all fart. If some white boy had done it, it would've been a few jokes but no one would've been like its because he eats curry.
No more embarrassment for something we all do, but if you don't do it then what are you?

I'm Serena, and yes as gross as it is I fart!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Ithaca Ale House: The Best Burger Fix!

So yes I am trying to be a Vegan...well or eat more Veganly at home at least! However, I am someone who loves a good meaty burger, and so once in awhile when I have my crazy cravings I head over down to the best burger place in town, and maybe some of the best burgers I've ever eaten!

I went with the classic Ale House Burger which is made up of Angus beef, caramelized onions, bacon and crumbly bleu cheese on rosemary-olive oil focaccia! NOW LOOK AT IT!

Venessa got a Build your own burger, and got her classic burger with bacon and cheddar cheese!

My turn to dive into my burger!

 YUP MY FACE SAYS IT ALL! The best freaking bite of a burger ever! Also eating this burger is almost impossible with the size of it, but I managed...but that plate didn't look the same afterward!

Monday, 14 March 2016

COLTIVARE: Brunching like pros!

As college kids, we don't have many indulgences, the fact that we can afford a cheap bottle of wine for our Friday nights is satisfying enough. But on the days when we feel like maybe, our pockets are a little extra fatter and the thought of those greasy diner eggs just isn't making the cut, we head on down to the fanciest restaurant in town in the cleanest get up we can find, and head on down for what will be the most delicious food we might indulge in for the next month or two.

Coltivare is a local restaurant that sources its ingredients locally and is actually a culinary institute for college students of TC3 to help them gain experience. I thought it was super cool and so I forced a bunch of my friends to get up before noon on a Sunday and head over to some delicious brunch!

We started off with some scones and butter, the best way to start any meal if you ask me!
This is complimentary meaning free, which is always a bonus for college kids. We actually ordered another round because our food took quite some time to prepare and those stomachs were starting to growl. Also, when it's free, it just tastes a little extra amazing!

The second round came with some banana bread, and oh my was it delicious! 

Our food followed next, and it was all the hype I had read about!
I ordered my classic brunch favorite the eggs benedict or as the menu called it the Coltivare Benedict. 

                                                         Now watch the eggs gooe out. 

The others tucked into their delicious array of omelets, scrambled eggs, and burgers. 

All satisfied with the look, it was smiles from here and out.

All but one, whose food just took an extra minute or two to arrive.

But in a matter of minutes, it was settled. 

All good, and lucky for me I could steal his crispy flavorful fries as I quietly tucked into my peach bellini.

Tummies stuffed, and pockets lighter we walked away happier than ever... 

So maybe we were trying really hard for some candid shots. 

In the end, I think we got our perfect one. 

All thanks to this one of course. 

Strutting down with your friends is a whole lot cooler, but I had to walk down the runway like a queen in my own right, the effort of the outfit needed to be appreciated...that and my head full of grease. 

Unfortunately, that's all the shenanigans we got up to Sunday. So I'll leave you a little envious, and maybe even a little hungrier, but all good things to hopefully inspire you to go out with your friends and grab some brunch. Remember if there isn't any alcohol it only counts as breakfast, and a little bit of champagne never hurt anyone! :)

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