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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Somewhat unattainable...

Maybe I'm faulty, but I'm not bothered. 
I supposed I'm mostly sorry. 

I say sorry to the boys who've waited, 
To the men who are waiting, 
And to the love that could never be.

To you and him, and him and you. 
To all the one's who never knew. 
It's beyond compare that he, that you, would fall in love with a dew like hue
So sorry again for those wasted nights, those one night stands, those lonely nights. 
Sorry again for the love you lost, but you must accept you were at fault.
How did you boy, oh how did you son fall in love with that girl unfitted, undone? 
Didn't you hear the rumors true, she just wasn't the girl for you. 
And so my darling petty boy, my love, my ex, my steady lie. 
You cannot love a girl like me, because darling can't you see?
I'm somewhat facetiously the girl unattainable.
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