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Monday, 14 August 2017

Clouded Thoughts...

I feel lost.
I feel as though I am living a reality of nightmares set upon one by one. I feel as though the end of summer is in tune with my demise. I keep waiting for someone to turn around and tell me that it will be alright. I keep waiting for him to come back and hold my hand and listen to me cry all night as I pour my heart out about all the pain. I want him to sit there and listen to me as I explain how the world is breaking down on me, and laugh at my stupid logic but be patient and willing to tell me no matter how long it takes, he will be there for me. I want him to promise that he will never leave me and see me through the worst times so that we can share the good together. I needed to write it all out to realize that I was asking for all these things from a man who didn't exist in my narrative. It's not because a man is not capable of that kind of love or patience, but I will never be able to receive nor accept that promise of true love if I cannot be patient, kind and loving towards myself. It dawned on me that every time I replaced the word him and replaced it with me, suddenly all the answers I was looking for were beginning to reveal themselves within me. So I'm no longer looking to find that salvage in another person. I am looking to finally find it inside me, because there is one important thing to always remember, you can only ever trust yourself and count on yourself because you alone have to go through life from start to finish. 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Cutting off that Burden.

My hair was the kind of pain trodded by the beauty of your memories, and uplifted by the pain of your stains. It was a nightmare wrapped up like a beautiful story that played continuously in the background like an old white and black movie. You see you and I were the epitome of crazy, broken but attached in ways only true soul mates can be. I'm not saying it was love, I supposed it was far from what love should be, but in our desperation we found the kind of salvage lovers seek, we mistook it for more than it should have been but nonetheless, in the end, we broke ourselves yet again and in those pieces of brokenness I let my hair carry the burden that my heart was too weak to love. My hair carried the winds that we chased, the rains in which we danced and the touch of you, and I supposed it weighed me down with all its baggage disabling me to carry on. So I bid adieu to my long locks, as I bid adieu to you. 

Friday, 17 March 2017

Its Crawfish Season!

Down in the south, we are celebrating Crawfish season with what else but A LOT of CRAWFISH! The weather right now in Houston is perfect, the summer heat hasn't stung yet, so we are still enjoying our version of winter with light cool winds at night, and warm sunny days, but the best times are the evenings where you get to experience the best of both times as the clear blue skies transition to beaded starry nights. Pull out your pots and start that Crawfish boil, or if you're like me and do better on the eating front, check out the BB cafe, they have several locations all around Houston and trust me you don't want to miss this one!

My friend and I headed over to the one in the Heights. Crawling with locals alike it takes about 45 mins to get a seat at the restaurant, or if you're impatient like me, you can head over to their pop up tent and do self-serve right away, and share the table with some friendly seafood lovers as you pass the time chatting and patiently awaiting the glorious feast that you're about to divulge into, (that is if you don't mind foldable chairs and tables). In fact, I actually encourage you to sit in the outdoor tent, you get this feeling of a big summer cookout, and everyone is so cheery and happy that it makes the experience a whole lot more exciting!

They have two menus, a regular and the seasonal crawfish one. We headed straight for the Crawfish one. Personally, I like the simplicity of the menu, it guarantees consistency in taste especially when the restaurant is swamped with customers all ordering the same damn thing. 

Bibbed up and ready for the feast to begin! 

 After waiting for what felt like  15 minutes or so, and starring down every other order that came out nearby our table, our food finally arrived!

Time for that big reveal! 

Just look at that happy face.

We got an order of 3 pounds, with a side of corn, potato, and some of 
that delicious crawfish dipping sauce.

This being my first time eating Crawfish, I needed a bit of assistance on how to
go about actually getting to the meat. The trick is to bend it left and right, 
pull off the head, and then crack the tail to get the meat out.


Clearly, I'm a happy clamper. ;)
(I feel like that pun wasn't very funny..but I couldn't resist)

The Crawfish is super flavorful but if you want a little extra kick order a 
side of the dipping sauce.

The sauce also goes great with an order of fries!

In fact, I actually suggest you get a side order of their regular fries. They were the perfect thin crispy kind that I love. I suggest the plain ones, but you could also get the cajun ones if you like. Honestly, they were a bit too salty for my taste; however, if you do want that seasoning I suggest asking them to lightly season it. But in all honesty, regular fries dipping in that dipping sauce was blissful heaven. 

Time seemed to stop whilst eating not realizing that the night sky had already caught onto us. I guess time flies when you're having fun! 

 If you've never had Crawfish before, I suggest you head down to the best place in Houston for some. The great thing about BB's is that they keep their menu simple, but oh so delicious that it blows minds. I usually find myself waiting at restaurants for the bulk of time for my food to arrive and spending about 15 minutes actually eating it. But at BB's I did the opposite, and really enjoyed every minute of my meal. The staff is super friendly, and although it was super packed, the atmosphere is very relaxed and super efficient. You don't feel the commotion because you're so engrossed in the delicious food. This one is a must for me, and I will definitely be back before the season is over! 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Turning Grey Skies to Beautiful Highs.

Grey skies and stormy winds make for perfect kite flying weather. In cloudy pursuits of hiding that knockout blazing sun, leaving the horizon for us, we find ourselves reaching for the highest of the stars.  There is nothing more fascinating than flying a kite, it's as though our wings took extensions of its own to taste the wind in ways we could only imagine. Free in spirit and mind, I let my soul lift itself and fly high. 

Pulling the strings as I fight the winds to reach higher altitudes.

There is nothing greater, nothing more exciting than filling gray skies with colorful wings of childishness fun. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

22 and Brunching.

I rang in my 21st birthday with tequila at a midnight bar, so it seemed appropriate to class up 22 with some mimosas instead. I'm a big brunch person if there is anything I do great in life it's Brunching. Unfortunately, most places only serve Brunch on the weekends more specifically Sundays, but lucky for me Snooze is open all week with a decadent breakfast menu all day long. So of course, I hit up my partner in crime and we hit up Snooze with our hungry stomachs and eager mouths. You really don't need a reservation, the place is busy but always moving. We had a 15 minute wait time, but sipping drinks at the bar made time fly by fast, and we found ourselves at a nice cozy little corner. 

The menu is huge, with a lot of fun options. There is a great balance between traditional and experimental dishes. My biggest dilemma is always deciding whether I want the sweet or savory option, finally succumbing to my favorite Eggs Benedicts, there are plenty of different styles but I stuck to my classic and ordered the Benny Goodman and a side of chicken sausage, and Camila ordered the 3 egg omelet.

Satisfied with our decisions we continued to sip on our very tall glasses of mimosas. I ordered the Snooze Sparkling Apple Mimosa, while Camila experimented with a pineapple and lemon mimosa.

I was planning on going bottomless, but I underestimated the size of the glass and found myself pretty tipsy after the first one.

Within minutes our food arrived hot, delicious and beautifully presented. It almost looked too good to eat. 

After grabbing those snapchat and instaworthy pictures we dived right in, and its safe to say that these were probably the most delicious eggs benedict I had ever tucked into, and I'll be back again for another round but this time I'll definitely give the french toast a go.

Snooze has multiple locations in California, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona, so if you live nearby a Snooze definitely go give it a try because it's a mouthwatering delight that I am sure you wouldn't want to miss. Until the next adventure bottoms up my darlings!

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