Living in and out of reality as I chase my dreams sky high.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Cutting off that Burden.

My hair was the kind of pain trodded by the beauty of your memories, and uplifted by the pain of your stains. It was a nightmare wrapped up like a beautiful story that played continuously in the background like an old white and black movie. You see you and I were the epitome of crazy, broken but attached in ways only true soul mates can be. I'm not saying it was love, I supposed it was far from what love should be, but in our desperation we found the kind of salvage lovers seek, we mistook it for more than it should have been but nonetheless, in the end, we broke ourselves yet again and in those pieces of brokenness I let my hair carry the burden that my heart was too weak to love. My hair carried the winds that we chased, the rains in which we danced and the touch of you, and I supposed it weighed me down with all its baggage disabling me to carry on. So I bid adieu to my long locks, as I bid adieu to you. 

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